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What is Big Dog Little Dog?

  • Big Dog Little Dog is a unique yoga-based curriculum for a parents/carers and their children.

  • Level 1 covers ages 4-8 and Level 2 between ages 9-12.

  • The aim of Big Dog Little Dog is to build connection and trust between parent and child. 


How is Big Dog Little Dog unique?

  • Unlike "family yoga" Big Dog Little Dog encourages 1-2-1 work with your child and unlike "kid yoga" we don't do jungle adventures or animal re-inactment. The material we use comes from studies in non-verbal communication, empathy, developmental movement, somatics, acro-yoga (Level 1) and Yin and Ashtanga yoga forms (Level 2). 

  • We work with parents and children as equal partners, helping and supporting one another.

  • Children love our curriculum because it means they get undivided attention from their parent/carer  - something somewhat rare...Usually by age 4 children are already being dropped off at classes and the long spell of the 'parent taxi service' begins.

  • Big Dog Little Dog provides an opportunity for children and their parents/carers to slow down and just be with each other. We aim to cultivate experiences that are nurturing, supportive and real. 

One of the best ways to see what Big Dog Little Dog is all about is to watch our video below

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