Online yoga courses for teachers and parents - Parent-child yoga classes and workshops in the UK & British Virgin Islands

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Our Big Dog Little Dog teachers run classes and workshops throughout the year so there are no specified start and end dates. Unless otherwise specified by the teacher, hour long classes/workshops cost £15.00 for a parent/child pair.


We are a growing family of teachers and so new Big Dog Little Dog classes will be cropping up soon! 


Our Level 1 classes are suitable for children ages 4-8 and classes consist of a caring, enthusiastic teacher inviting you and your child to come together to share in warm-up yoga-based movements, acro-yoga and some relaxing time.  


By the time your child reaches our Level 2 curriculum (for ages 9-12) it is time for you and your child to work together as partners. You'll share equal roles in these classes which are based in Ashtanga and Yin yoga and focus on touch and assisting one another in the poses. 


We believe Big Dog Little Dog is a very unique way to connect with your child – it’s time to click the map and see where it takes you!

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