10 things I know to be true and why doing yoga with your child acts as a bonding tool

StartFragment1. Children love undivided attention from their parents/carers because they experience it rarely.EndFragment

This pose is Double Down-dog and it takes two working together to make it happen!

StartFragment2. A parent-child relationship where support is mutual is unique; children love feeling needed.EndFragment

The Pose: Deep Folds

Adults are able to deepen their forward bend under the weight of their child and children are able to enjoy a supported backbend.

StartFragment3. We all breathe. What a wonder it is to have time focused on just breathing with your child.EndFragment


Try this: The next time your child asks to look at a screen - hold them instead.

Focus on the movement coming from their body as they breathe.

What does it take to match the rhythm of your breath to theirs?

StartFragment4. Parents feel guilty about the quality of the relationship they have with their children – yoga helps to nurture this relationship. EndFragment



The pose: The kissing twist Done with sincerity, it is nurturing for you both.

StartFragment5. Playing is fun! Kids love being upside down, using their bodies to express themselves and how much more fun to do it with someone that loves them.EndFragment



The pose: Hedgehog The acro-yoga work in our Big Dog Little Dog classes is a favourite.

6. People have a desire to be healthy. Yoga promotes health.


The pose: Angel

Cultivates core strength in the base (adult) and gives the flyer (child) a wonderful backbend.

StartFragment7. Yoga brings a sense of calm through focused breath and movement work.EndFragment



The exercise: Starfish Breathing

Bonding with gravity through the back of the body and experiencing the ‘6 limbs’: head, tail, arms and legs. Then moving the limbs in conjunction with the breath.


StartFragment8. People’s lives are busy and rushed. If we don’t slow down and enjoy it, it will pass by.EndFragment


The exercise: Experiential anatomy of the face

You can take turns with your child feeling the contours of the face. Done with soft touch this is deeply enjoyable.

StartFragment9. Kids love ‘being in charge’. Yoga with your child gives them opportunities to give instruction, coach their parents and work in partnership with you.EndFragment

EndFragmentThe pose:preparation for Double Down-dog

Communication is strengthened betweenyou and your child as you worktogether to achieve each pose.

StartFragment10. Human touch is vital. Without it we suffer.EndFragment

StartFragmentThe pose: Final relaxation (savasana). It is best taken together.

StartFragmentThese poses and more are available in the home practice manual ebook.

Buy it now at: http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/7281635-big-dog-little-dog?ebook=590511 Photos by Carli Spokes http://createdbycarli.bigcartel.comEndFragment


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