The fastest way to connect with your child


The most basic function of our existence is our breath.

Breathing, holding your child.

Feeling your child breathing.

Just this.

This is a good way to start.

It is simple and bonding.


Simply let yourself breathe and let your child breathe.

When you let them breathe, you just let them be, exactly as they are.

You don’t need to change them.

You don’t need to control them.

You don’t need to improve them.

Accept them as they are, breathing in the soft air of the world.

Soften your belly to receive the breath.


Take a moment to watch your child breathe – the gentle rise and fall of belly.

A soft toy or eye pillow placed on the belly is a nice way to see the breath move.EndFragment


How does the breath move the body?

Allow your child feel the breath moving in your body.

Your back may expand, your chest may lift, your ribcage may broaden.

Investigate together.

A gentle practice of letting go…


Hold on to nothing –

Soften, soften.

Don’t try to make the breath deep

or keep it shallow.

Cultivate curiosity

and just see how it is.

Let go into the softness.


Experience life in the body.


The art of breath connection is to come into breath awareness

moment by moment.

This is a shared experience of life.

It will bring you into a connection with your child

which is immediate and tangible.


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