Learning to fly

This weekend marked the first Big Dog Little Dog Teacher Training.

The curriculum is dense and it took focus and dedication from the teacher trainees to absorb the material over two full days. I was fortunate enough to have help with the teaching from Jose (age 8), Lincoln (age 7) and Grace (age 5).

As my children, Grace and Lincoln have been practicing, developing and teaching the Big Dog Little Dog curriculum for three years. Jose (in grey in the first photo) has been coming weekly to the Big Dog Little Dog class with her mother for two years. They are avid "flyers" and were keen to teach the group of six Big Dog Little Dog teachers-to-be.

All six teacher trainees are mothers themselves and had a beautiful way of relating to the children. Allowing yourself to be taught by a child in this sort of situation takes a gentle, soft way of being. The children were articulate in telling every trainee they worked with what was working and what wasn't working....until they got it "just right".

Every child has a different physique, a different way of holding themselves, different levels of innate trust and it was evident that the trainees and the children teachers were quick to bond.

Even after the kids had gone, and the FLY section of the yoga teacher training had finished, there was still an element of fun...

We built models of the spine using rocks (for the vertebra) and sticks (for the ribs).

...and there was time for rest.

It was a real privilege to work with such incredible people who no doubt will go on to share yoga with children and parents alike.

If you would like to train to teach Big Dog Little Dog - Yoga with your child please get in touch with me: april@bdld.co.uk

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