What does yoga say about this?

Recently I interviewed Adele Cassidy, one of our Big Dog Little Dog teachers who has started up classes in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Here she talks about looking at life through the lens of yoga, chakra development and her new found ability to man-handle her child :)

April: How did you find yoga? Where was your first class?

Adele: I was 22 years old when I went to my first yoga class in Notting Hill. I had always been physical, we had horses and I enjoyed moving. The first teacher who made me feel at home in a class was named Camilla Maling.

She taught Anasura / Vinyasa yoga which presented ancient concepts in a new way which made me feel at home immediately.

April: In what ways has yoga impacted other areas of your life?

Adele: Yoga has infiltrated everything in my life since, from trying to live the whole philosophy on a good day…For example, asking myself “What does yoga say about this?”

I am inspired by something Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness of that which created it.” If we are always striving to live from this place the whole of humanity is lifted together.

A woman named Anodea Judith wrote about how the chakra centres develop in children at different ages and reading her research of this system mapped against Jungian psychology has made me conscious of my own child’s development. It helps me live Einstein’s words on days when living in a two year old’s level of consciousness is challenging. The chakra system is just a map, but a map is handy when we’re navigating the development of our children’s consciousness and how this impacts on our own.

April: Why did you want to take the Big Dog Little Dog Training?

Adele: I was teaching children yoga already but the bonding that was accentuated in BDLD between adult and child is so important. I believe it is also important for kids to relax and to find their own ability to be happy. Our society is set up not to value the ability to be happy and so at this age (4-8) it is crucial to change this societal view.

April: Has your relationship to your own child changed as a result of the Big Dog Little Dog work?

Adele: The BDLD curriculum has also given me confidence to lift and move my child. It has helped me with the other areas of yoga teaching that I do. For example, the incorporation of the 24 hand mudras, the experiential anatomy and the partnering work.

The BDLD training was rare and special in that it has continued to nurture and support us beyond the training. I’m so delighted to have this brilliant toolkit at my disposal to bring to children and their parents’/carers in my area.

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