Big Dog Little Dog Gives me "bird-skin"!

Recently I was able to spend some time with Carly Brown who qualified to teach Big Dog Little Dog yoga last September. Carly has launched Big Dog Little Dog classes and workshops in her local area in Maidenhead SL6 4PF. Here she talks to me about her first experiences of yoga and how much it given her in life. More information about Carly's classes can be found here.

April: What brought you to yoga?

Carly: As a child I was a dancer, I loved movement and was very interested in what the human body was capable of. When I was about 15 years old I can remember looking through a book on yoga which intrigued me, I think a seed was then planted in my mind.

April: When was your first yoga class?

Carly: A few years later I went through a difficult time which left me feeling disconnected to my body. I had stopped dancing and I was looking for something to make me feel embodied again. At age 17 I attend a yoga class with my mum. The teacher was lovely, probably in her 60’s and very inspirational.

Around age 20 I started working for a lifestyle magazine and I happened to answer a telephone call from a yoga teacher who was looking to promote her classes. Her name was Cathy Haworth I went along to some of her early classes. In about week 2 of my new yoga practice I had a wonderful emotional release in Savasana and I knew it was right for me. I started to practice regularly and attend classes at Ashtanga Yoga London

April: How does yoga impact other areas of your life?

Carly: When I practice it is like pressing a re-set button and I feel calm and clear. Yoga makes me want to improve in all areas of life, to simply keep trying to change and grow, to become softer, slower and more aware. Yoga has given me space to take more time in everything I do and become less re-active.

April: Why did you take the Big Dog Little Dog teacher training?

Carly: I took the Big Dog Little Dog Teacher Training because I feel it offers something very special which our society needs. I went to observe one of April’s classes and I had goosebumps (or bird-skin as my young daughter says) the whole way through. It was lovely to witness parents connecting to their child and of course see all of the fun being had.

Our world is too fast, too busy and we are all often in a rush. I think it is important to sit and hold our children as they grow older and the Big Dog Little Dog hour is designated time where this can happen. It is built into the week. We lose our children when they go to school in a way, I believe that Big Dog Little Dog helps to keep us connected or re-connect to our children.

April: Has Big Dog Little Dog changed the way you interact with your own child?

Carly: In my relationship with my own daughter BDLD has taught me to let her lead, to give her the opportunity to choose and to go at her pace, when I apply this thinking into 'real life' the time we spend together is more harmonious.

I feel very honored and excited to be a part of the BDLD team and am looking forward to sharing the magic it offers.

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