Online BDLD Teacher Training course launched

This training is very different to other online trainings because first of all it requires an application and interview process to access the course.

Once accepted onto the course you're not just stuck in front of your computer accessing this content on your own. The Big Dog Little Dog team of teachers and I are all accessible through a closed online group that you'll be made a member of upon being accepted onto the course. This is a lively group where we share ideas, inspire and build connections!

The Big Dog Little Dog family of teachers are an elite crew who all believe in and value the importance of the parent-child bond. We also believe that the bonding work we do in Big Dog Little Dog classes can make a positive difference in our world.

The crux of this course is about building connection between parent and child and I wouldn't be setting a good example if you couldn't connect to me! So, it's a part of your course experience that you and I can dialogue which allows the learning process to be one of unique engagement and support.

The course looks at the following content:

  • breathing techniques for parent and child,

  • ways of enhancing human connection,

  • safely warming the muscular tissues of the body though developmental patterning,

  • acro-yoga partnering work between parent and child

  • hatha yoga inversions (headstands, shoulder stands and handstands)

  • partnering yoga stretches

  • hand mudras (positions of the hands to aid concentration)

  • experiential anatomyThis content is organised into six sections:



3) FLY




The training gives you access to knowledge in these 6 sections through:

  • Over 10 PDF files that form a comprehensive Teacher Training Manual with high quality images and explanations of each of the poses and sequences offered in each of the six sections

  • Downloadable copies of the Home Practice Manual and the Free Bonus Course

  • Over 60 videos

  • Teaching tips, advice on class set-up and opportunity for continued pastoral care

Once you're teaching we will also list your classes, workshops/retreats on our website (with links to your own site) and make you an administrator of the Big Dog Little Dog Facebook page so that you can advertise your Big Dog Little Dog endeavours to our followers there.

I look forward to welcoming you to the team!


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