"The training was extensive and varied, to include hand mudras, experiential anatomy, various connecting warm-ups and cool downs. For me, the most fun was learning the 'FLY' section.  The training left me feeling empowered."

- Nicky Frewin, BDLD Teacher 


"Thank you for your generosity in sharing this course April. I honestly believe you've created something which has the power to change little and big lives for the better and I'm so honoured to be a part of it."

- Adele Cassidy, BDLD Teacher


"I think the curriculum that you have put together is brilliant and I am really passionate about teaching this to others. Encouraging others to learn about how our bodies move, to connect, to play and spend quality time together is surely one of the most wonderful things we can do. It is such a wonderful course. Thank you so much for sharing!" 

- Jo Hellier, BDLD Teacher