"This yoga class is fabulous and I love having this time solely with my son. My 6 year old little boy loves this class and gets great enjoyment from doing yoga, especially as he gets undivided attention from his Mummy! This class brings such closeness between my little boy and I, its special. What an enjoyable way to learn yoga!"

- Jackie (Sam's Mum)


“I am 8 years old and I have been doing Big Dog Little Dog for 2 years. I have become more strong and more agile and it is a really good time to be with your family. In this yoga you learn all about your bones, you can do stretches, you fly! It's so fun!”​

- Jose (age 8)


"I've been meaning to write you to say how much the Big Dog Little Dog class has touched me. I feel quite emotional just thinking about it. I didn't know what to expect and it blew all my expectations! We have been practicing lots at home, loving showing anyone who will watch our yoga poses together and I've really noticed an extra connection with my daughter who has been transitioning to her first year at school. We both benefited from this so much. It is very special indeed. Thank you for sharing it with us."

- Isla's mom


"We all had the joy of balancing on our parent's feet as a kid. Letting your kids fly is a great way to pique their interest in doing yoga together, and it helps you build strength in the arms and legs too." 

- Camille Dodson