​In light of the current situation, the kids and I will be offering some live zoom mini-lessons streaming from the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands so as to help bring parents and children together when we need it most!

I would like to offer this on a donation basis but I do know that funds for many are very tight right now so I very much appreciate your support if you can support us and if not, let us support you. 


You can pay via PayPal by clicking the button or if you would rather do a bank transfer then please email april@bdld.co.uk for the details.



Accessing Zoom

To get on Zoom you simply need to download Zoom desktop client or mobile app. Once you have launched the Zoom app, click Join a Meeting and enter the link for the class.

In any physical activity, risk of physical injury is possible. Yoga is no substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. Big Dog Little Dog yoga and/or specific yoga poses are not recommended for individuals with certain conditions (e.g. cardiac illness, later stages of pregnancy, herniated disks, post-surgery etc.) with this knowledge, the student assumes the risk of the yoga practice. 


8.30am EST or 1.30pm BST

A mini-lesson of about 20 minutes for children aged 4-8  and their parent/carer.


8.30am EST or 1.30pm BST

A mini-lesson of about 20 minutes for children aged 9-12 and their parent/carer.

Online yoga courses for teachers and parents - Parent-child yoga classes and workshops in the UK & British Virgin Islands

 Get in touch: april@bdld.co.uk or go directly to our courses: www.bdld.thinkific.com

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